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Tomáš "TomiukQT" Valenta

Game dev
Hello. Welcome on my blog. I will be posting my developer progress. Im currently working on farming simulator from first person with some realistic features. Learn more on my blog.


Progress of projects or their parts



My thoughts.

New Project!

I just started making a whole new project. I can’t tell you what it is about now but IT’S A GAME. My last project with farminng game concept was getting harder and harder. So I had to decide what to do. Delete the project and start over or create a whole new project. „B“ was […]

DevBlog #1

Hello everybody, finally I have a time for game development. So I’m currently working on UI for skill tree.    Here it is. It’s uncompleted because I have coded just paging and created testing skill with placeholder icon. I like hexa style of these skill. Now I have to invent some basic skills and implement […]

Web launch

Hello everybody, today Im launching this web. It will follow my way of game development of my first game. It will be a farming simulator.

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